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One week only with a native speaker

We had a really nice week with our native speaker Nadira while some students of our class spent time in London. Nadi was a really nice person. She was very friendly to us. We got the craziest nicknames ever. These were our names for the whole week. Nadi told us that she came originally from a Caribbean island called Trinidad Tobago. We spoke so much English and learned very much. We didn't do any grammar or worksheets. Instead, we played games and worked in groups. We also danced and worked on Power Point presentations about games we invented. We even wrote a story and we had a scavenger hunt. The sport lessons were great fun, too. We had a football match and played dodgeball. On Wednesday, we baked delicious pancakes. We ate them with Nutella, raspberries and strawberries. We also watched a movie on Netflix. At the end of the week, we ordered pizza and ate it together in the classroom. It was a fantastic week with Nadi.
(Ann-Kathrin Bachmann)

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