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Sprachwoche in England

It was a great week we spent in England. Before the flight I was very nervous and excited, because it was the first flight in my life. The flight was great, the view from the airplane was beautiful and I took many great pictures. I loved everything about the week in London and Eastbourne, but particularly I enjoyed the ride with the London Eye. The view over London was fantastic. I loved the trip to Beachy Head, too. It was so beautiful there. Unfortunately, it was very windy and cold that day and on our way back to Eastbourne it started to rain, but the great view of the sea was still awesome. Eastbourne, where we stayed for the week, is a beautiful town and I loved it to go along the sea by bus every day. The host family of Lara and me was very nice and they had a dog. Its name was Sky. Sky was very friendly, too. We stayed with them in a big and modern flat. Now I'm back in Austria. It's great, because I'm with my family again, but I also miss my host family and their dog, the sea and the time with our cool group. The England week was perfect as it was and I will never forget it.
(Sarah Dienstleder)

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